Financial Advisors: A Guide to a Cleaner Form U4

Each week we receive a question (or more) from financial advisors interested in cleaning up their Form U4 and removing negative disclosures. In response to these frequent questions, we've prepared a free report, The Financial Advisor's Guide to a Cleaner Form U4, that answers several FAQs, and also answers questions that advisors should be asking but often are not.

Form U4 Basics: Part 6 – Disclosure Issues Beyond the Form U4

When considering disclosure obligations that you have as a financial advisor, don't limit your thoughts to just the Form U4 and the ADV. There may be other obligations including insurance commissioners' offices, insurance carriers, professional societies and more. In this short video blog, we'll discuss some disclosure obligations beyond the U4 and ADV.

U4 Basics: Part One – An Overview of the Form U4

The U4 is more than a once in a career document for financial advisors. You can't complete it and forget it. In this blog post series on U4 Basics, attorney Joel Beck provides an overview of the Form U4, discusses common problems advisors face when completing it, and addresses the serious regulatory examinations and enforcement actions that financial advisors can face due to regulatory violations concerning their Form U4.