Having Children After Executing Your Will Could Invalidate Your Will Under Georgia Law

Parents should know that if their Will is not done right, the birth or adoption of a subsequent child could invalidate their Will. So, it's important to ensure that they periodically review their estate planning documents when significant changes occur. Doing so may help avoid a 10+ year battle over an estate, decided by a recent Georgia Supreme Court ruling.

Divorce and Estate Planning: Part 1 – The Introduction

Whether your divorce is easy or hard, there are almost certainly more legal issues to address during and after a divorce to ensure that your assets are protected, you’ve planned appropriately for yourself and for any children, and that you’ve got plans in place to protect yourself by ensuring the appropriate persons are empowered to make decisions for your healthcare and financial management in the event of your incapacity. In this blog post series, we'll address the main four issues people should act upon promptly.