Four Strategies to Avoid Probate in Gwinnett County

At some point in your life, you may have heard about someone's estate being tied up in probate. It may have included awful stories involving relatives fighting over money or property to the point where family bonds were forever broken. The reality is that probate isn't always a grueling and emotional process. In fact, a lot of the process boils down to paperwork, signatures, deadlines, and months, or sometimes years, of waiting. However, it's still a process that some people would prefer to avoid because of the costs involved and the time it takes. Here are four strategies that might help avoid probate.

Ten Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid – Episode 2 – Not Hiring the Right People

In this video series, attorney Joel Beck discusses ten mistakes you want to avoid in your estate planning. In this episode 2, Joel discusses the mistake of not “hiring” the right people to serve in important roles such as executor, trustee, guardian, healthcare agent, and attorney in fact (agent under a power of attorney). But […]