Georgia a Great State for Business, Report Shows

Georgia is a great state to do business in, and according to a recent report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it is the eighth best place to start a business. According to the articles, there were more than 13,000 new companies in Georgia last year. The articles cites various factors for making Georgia a great place […]

Due Diligence When Buying a Business in Georgia

When considering buying a business, doing your due diligence is critical. Here, we'll discuss some basic steps to take to help you in this due diligence process, identifying various legal, accounting and business areas that should be reviewed by a prospective buyer.

Considerations for Forming a Georgia NonProfit Corporation

One of the questions we get from time to time relates to how to form a nonprofit corporation in Georgia. In this short video, attorney Joel Beck discusses basics considerations for forming a nonprofit, including some issues to address in the articles of incorporation as well as the recommendation to consult with a CPA/tax advisor […]

Football and Wall Street: Arbitration

The news today alerts us to a federal judge’s decision in the “Deflategate” controversy involving Tom Brady and the NFL. According to headlines earlier today the story is that Tom Brady wins, and his four-game suspension at the start of this upcoming football season has been vacated. More recent headlines tell that the NFL will appeal the decision, so this story may not be over. But I’m more interested in discussing this case from legal perspective on arbitration. And in that regard, this deflategate case isn’t really all that much different than other arbitration cases, including those involving Wall Street (for securities industry arbitration cases).