Covenants Not to Compete and Not to Solicit Can be Enforced in Georgia

Joel Beck discusses a recent Court of Appeals of Georgia opinion that affirmed an injunction against a former employee of a business to prevent violations of a covenant not to compete and a covenant not to solicit. As discussed in this video and post, restrictive covenants in Georgia, if done correctly, can be enforced by the Georgia courts.

FINRA Sanctions Rep Over Fidelity Computer Equipment Purchase Assistance Program

We know that FINRA has been investigating numerous individuals who had worked at Fidelity, in connection with a benefit program they maintained, the Computer Equipment Purchase Assistance Program, which would allow employees to seek partial reimbursement for a personal computer purchase or related items every few years. Last week, on February 7, 2019, FINRA accepted […]

Georgia Records Restriction: Sealing Non-Conviction Criminal Records

Those with criminal charges against them in Georgia, that concluded without a restriction, may wish to seek to have the criminal history record information about the matter restricted, and the court file sealed, where possible under Georgia law, so that information about the matter does not prevent them from gaining employment, interfere with their business, or otherwise impact their livelihood.