Can you get a Will for a person who has died? This was a strange call.

It started out as a normal phone call – someone calling our office to get information on estate planning in Georgia. As we talked for a couple of minutes, things got more unusual. The caller told me that she was getting information for someone else who needed a will. As we talked a few minutes more, the truth came out. The person that the caller thought needed a will was dead – he had died a few weeks ago or so.

It seems that the caller and her family realized that this person dying without a will in place left them with a mess to deal with. And, I guess they were hoping that there might just be some way that they could find to get a will in place for this deceased relative.

I had to be clear and direct, in response to the essential question of, “Can we get a Will in place for a dead person?” The answer is a resounding and clear, “No.”

That’s the first time I can recall ever being asked that question. After I explained that the answer was no and I could not help, we hung up. It sounded as if they were left with a mess to deal with and the situation is harder than it could have been. The family seemed to be troubled by their relative’s lack of planning and the work that they would have to do, and were also grieving the loss of their relative, and I was genuinely sad for this family.

Don’t leave your family in this situation. If you don’t have a solid estate plan in place, take a step forward today to resolve that looming problem. We’ve got some free information on estate planning in Georgia that we can send you, no strings attached. Just visit us online at

photo credit – Rhodi Alers de Lopez via Unsplash