“I just need a simple will.”

From time to time we get a call from someone who says, “Hey, I just need a simple will. Is that something you can do for me?” The answer is often “Yes” because we do a lot of wills and other planning documents for clients. But, what’s interesting is that most of the people who call and ask for a just a simple will, really don’t need just a simple will.

Case in point: I received a phone call a few weeks ago from a nice lady who said, “Hey, I just need a simple will. Is that something you can take care of for me?” I said, “Well, maybe, but let’s talk a bit about your situation.” As we talked, I learned that she had been divorced and then later remarried. She and her current husband each had their own children. She had her kids. He had his kids. And then they had their kids together. And she wanted to make sure that in the event that she passed away, her children were taken care of and not cut out of an inheritance by her new husband if she died first and any assets went to him.

I understood what she wanted to so, but I had to explain that her situation was not a “simple will” situation. In fact, she had a rather complex situation, and it was going to require care and planning to make things work, especially considering that many of her assets might not normally pass through a will in the first place (for example, her IRA or 401K, as well as life insurance). And so, a part of comprehensive planning is to make sure that the probate assets and non-probate assets are distributed appropriately and that her plans would work to carry out her wishes.

Sometimes there really are simple will situations, but not as often as you might think.

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