Financial Advisors: A Guide to a Cleaner Form U4

Financial Advisors: You may not have to live with a dirty Form U4. Each week, we get a call, or two or three ore more, from financial advisors asking whether they can do anything to clean up a disclosure or two on their Form U4 / CRD record. For example, we get questions like these: How can I get this criminal charge or arrest removed from my Form U4? What can I do about this customer complaint on my Form U4? What can I do about this language from my old firm on my Form U5? What can I do about these tax liens or judgments showing up on my Form U4?

Disclosure is a way of life in the financial services field, but sometimes there are options to remove or clean up certain disclosures on your Form U4. Now, more than ever, with an increased focus on pushing clients and prospects to review an advisor’s background, having a clean Form U4 is important for making sure that you don’t lose out on business with clients or prospects, and in not limiting your career mobility. Broker-dealers and RIA firms are increasingly selective when considering bringing on an advisor; negative Form U4 and U5 disclosures can certainly derail your ability to change firms.

In response to the frequent calls and questions we receive about Form U4 disclosures, we’ve prepared a FREE report, The Financial Advisor’s Guide to a Cleaner Form U4. It provides answers to five frequently asked questions we receive, along with answers to four questions that advisors should be asking, but usually are not.

You can get a copy of this free report online with no strings attached by clicking here and filling out the request form.