Do I Give a Copy of My Will to Someone Else?

From time to time, one of the questions we get about Wills is this: “Do I need to give a copy of my Will to someone else?” There’s not a definitive right or wrong answer to this question, but in the short video below, attorney Joel Beck shares the reasons why he says his answer is generally, “No.”

First off, the Will has no power during your life, and in fact, you may change your Will sometime before you die. You could be changing executors, guardians and trustees, or you may change your wishes for distribution of assets. So, you don’t necessarily want copies of an old Will floating around. Second, the Will is a private document, and during your lifetime, there isn’t much of a need for someone to have a copy. Distributing a Will during your lifetime in which you treat people differently (for example, disinheriting a child or other person for whatever reason) can cause disagreement and dissension in your family, and you may not want that to happen. Joel says he’s never seen any good come out of giving a copy of a Will to another, but has seen conflict caused by someone doing that. So be careful.

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