Georgia Durable Power of Attorney – An Important Planning Tool

In our view, a Durable Power of Attorney is a key piece of a basic estate planning package that includes a Last Will and Testament and a Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare. Often, people have questions about what this document does and why they might need it. In this short video, attorney Joel Beck of The Beck Law Firm, LLC provides an overview of the basics of the Durable Power of Attorney in Georgia and how it can be used.

Together with a Will and an Advance Directive for Healthcare, the Durable Power of Attorney (DPPOA) is one of the foundational estate planning documents that is necessary for most Georgia residents concerned about their planning needs. As Joel discusses, the DPOA can help while you are alive, but its powers extinguish at your death. It does not dispose of your assets when you die and it is not a substitute for a Will. Rather, the DPOA allows the principal to appoint an agent to conduct business on behalf of the principal, and that authorization extends even during the principal’s incompetency or disability, hence the “durableness” of the powers.

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