Estate Planning in Georgia for Singles

Estate planning for singles is important, and it can be argued that it is more important than for married persons in some respects. But singles may have some special considerations present in their planning that deserve attention and thought. In this article and video, attorney Joel Beck highlights some planning considerations for singles.

Where do I store my Will in Georgia?

You've done your estate planning. Now, a question you might have is where to store your Will. What do you do with it? In this short video, attorney Joel Beck shares his general thoughts in response to that question.

Estate Planning in a Digital World

There is great value in being able to manage and control (as well as find) your online accounts, files, profiles and other digital assets and have them managed in accordance with your wishes upon your death. The law is slow to evolve in this area, but there are steps you can take now to make the process easier for your loved ones and estate fiduciaries.